Vampire Soft Kritures – Halloween Edition

Vampire Soft Kritures

are a handmade squeaker plushie that can be pre ordered until 31st October 2013. He is a special edition to celebrate this Halloween. He comes in two flavours, pink and blue. For each colour there is an option to get only the this vampire plush and the basic goodies, or to get the bundle, which besides containing the standard pack, also comes with his story as poem, in a pocket book size, a chained pin and an acrylic keychain.

He is hand sculpted and sewed, features some 100% DIY giant glass eyes illustrated and crafted by me, he also squeaks if you squeeze him.


vampire soft kriture

What is in the Package

– Custom packaging*
– He squeaks if you squeeze him*
– A card where you can write notes just in case that you are purchasing a gift for someone*
– Rainbow fridge magnet (this one only comes with limited edition items)*
– Profile file of a Soft Kriture*
– A tag*
– A hanger*
– Acrylic keychain with custom illustration
– Chained pin, 100% handmade, it has polymer clay parts, beads chains and fruit slices.
– Tiny story about Vampire Soft Kriture, hand drawn, with a sad an beautiful story in form of a poem.

*included in the basic pack

As a crafter and a designer I have in my hands the option to make you something that really makes a difference, from crafting to illustrating and printing, my limited edition items take many hours of trying and failing until I’m happy with the outcome 🙂 Vampire Soft Kritures can become your best friend!

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  1. janet says:

    i would love to have two blue ones and a pink one of the vampire series i will buy them!!!!! please make more!!!!

  2. janet says:

    can i preorder one?

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