Testing and upgrades 2

I’ve been making quick posts on facebook, so people know what’s going on.

I’ve been fixing the silicone molds because of bad vent engineering. I was learning while testing, so I have made some mistakes.

But I’m getting very happy, I’ve learnt some very important points of production, by my own.

Because I know the shipping is very expensive, I’ve been trying to make them even lighter, each one had at least 100gr, which is a lot for a toy. And It also had a porcelain look that I didn’t like that much, and the colors were very pastel for my taste. Kriture is a reflection of my passion for surrealism, but I don’t want them to look in pastel shades I want them more vibrant.

The resin was too hard to cut and to fix imperfections, I had contact with toxic materials at least 30min for every cast, it was dangerous and the smell would spread through the whole house. There is a person with cancer living with me and a close friend passed out recently. This made me really think about what I was doing, and so I started trying to find a new way to do it.

I’ve found an answer to all this points, and the result will be posted soon, since I need to make a whole new photoshoot of the figures to launch them on the website.

The weight of each figure was reduced at least 20%, the colors will be more vibrant. I actually can fix imperfections, and now I only spend about 5 minutes in contact with toxic materials per cast.

I’ve also noticed this new resin must have some “elastic” proprieties because when the figure fall, it does not break, it jumps (do NOT try this at home though)!

I’ve already painted some of them and I’ve been very proud when I look at them ^^

So for now, I will be fixing all the bad moulds and think about a way of making a good packaging for them. At the same time I’ve been working in the website, so I’m trying my best to make a good use of my “spare” time which I don’t have, but I make it happen somehow. For now please follow Kriture on facebook, since it is way to faster for me to communicate news right now ūüôā

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