Test #1 Mould Casting

Just posting a quick update ūüôā
Theese are the first casting experiments on a Wittz. They didn’t turned out that bad, considering that the original was a bad and quick sample.
Still need to work on the weight, the smell and color. It takes time to find out all these kind of details that in the end, you really can’t see the effort.

resin cast test
I’ve started making some prototypes, it’s very hard to achieve¬†symmetry, and make some parts without showing that it once was made by hand. Yeah a 3D printer could be awesome, if the price for a single Kriture weren’t absurd, and it still needs sandpaper in the end.
I’m still on testing phase, so I can’t really tell yet what material will I use in the future, depending on the material, I still need to think if a rotocast machine would help, and build one.
There is so much work behind the scenes, you don’t have idea!


polymer clay prototypes


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