Soft Kriture Pouches

I always wanted to make pouches, so finally I did them! 😀
Soft Kritures Pouches are a fun way to carry and use a Soft Kriture.
They are the ultimate union between techniques and materials I learnt from the last years from making Kritures, they also have new improved style.

handmade pouch creature

They have fur in the exterior and a flowery fabric for lining, the eyes are made with tempered glass, body parts made with polymer clay with matte varnish, shinny varnish was topically applied. Decorations are a mix of polymer clay, gemstones, acrylic paints and glitter.
200% handmade 🙂 The metal frame allows you to attach all sorts of decoration and keychains to it

They come with:
– Custom packaging
– A tag
– Free fridge Magnet

They are 5.9″ (15cm) height, 4.13″ (10.5 cm)


handmade creature pouch

Just like Soft Kriture, they are extremely cold guys, the fur helps them to stay warm. They need to live in a place where is always sunny and warm.
They are very competitive with friendship and they also have their own God. They only know the name of their best friend and randomly choose a name for the rest of others in the crew every time. They pursue their own well being but as a whole, they are powerful tribe.


handmade marbles monster pouch



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