New responsive website

Hey you!
For the past years Kriture used to have a non responsive website. This means that the website could no’t be viewed properly in any other device besides a computer. But not anymore! A month and a half ago I’ve decided to take the old website down and work on it after work. What you see is the result and I’m sorry I couldn’t continue giving you guys updates on social media websites, and releasing¬†new guys, Kriture is still a one man show ūüôā

By now your viewing experience should be optimal across a wide range of devices, from mobile to computer monitors. If you are asking why on earth I decided to waste¬†so much time on creating a responsive website, let’s say that I’m¬†a designer and a human. When we know things, we can’t ignore them anymore. If i spend days¬†working on responsive websites for clients, why shouldn’t I do the same for my project? Also, this was a good way for me to get more knowledge on the actual code of a responsive system, which is good for my career.

The new website includes everything the other had, you can still read the comics, learn about the characters, get free goodies and much more. Notice that you have a counter in the front page tat shows how many days to go, until the next giveaway. I also managed to put tons of Kriture characters decorating the page so you will never be alone while browsing in the awesome responsive website.


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