New generation of wooden toys

Wooden toys and other stuff made out of wood is usually related with the old man who is a sculptor, and creates either old fashioned things or things that are way too much expensive for your pocket. But slowly people are creating beautiful things like wooden toys and prototyping technology as a shell, as CNC and 3D printing are becoming more accessible. We all have seen the engraved bamboo ipad, iphone cases, glasses that nowadays you can design yourself and receive it in your step door with services like tmbrs, they even do watches.

Wood is a great medium but requires willpower and dedication to actually create real handmade things. Here is a collection from pinterest that is all about creating things in wood. Inspiring colors, motifs and patterns were created by tribes long time ago on wooden masks, and is actually a great place to find inspiration too. Notice that aztec patterns are available in any clothing store right now for a reason.


Tegu Blocks

Tegu blocks are wooden toys, a bit like a 3d version of a tangran but with cubes and parallelepiped shapes… and with magnets inside. Check this video with Tegu’s product designer Nate Lau talking about the product. With each purchase you can plant 12 trees and for each tree they use, they plant up to 6000 trees.They not only help children to get educated with their program but they produce long lasting learning toys too. Also, checkout the eye candy on that website, how contemporary / designy / cool is that?!


Pecanpals and Jibibuts

In the designer toy scene, the taste for wooden toys is growing too, maybe because the vinyl and plastic materials have been around since the beginning. Pecanpals are one of my favorites, they have been around for awhile, but they worth mentioning.

For those who like to DIY Jibibuts are a nice platform too! They are made from sistainably harvested rubber tree that otherwise go to waste. They are also have artist collection, the featured artists are Bubi Au Yeung, Martin Hsu, Squink, Peskimo, Buff Monster, Anna Chambers, Tado, Andrea Kang, Leo Hillier, 64 Colos, Nathan Jurevicius and the creator, Noferin.

just keep in mind that these specimens from Carrara Island have their males in color and the females are brown-toned.

This was a very brief post about wooden toys, but I think it gives you an idea that wood is not only wood anymore. I’m currently creating some Soft Kritures inspired by wood and nature. They will not be carved in wood, but in clay 🙂 Stay tuned for news.

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  1. Kate says:

    Yes I totally love how wooden toys are making a come back and about time too, in my opinion. Those Pecanpals are amazing! I wonder if I can get them shipped to Australia? Do you know? Many Thanks, Kate 🙂

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