Lumpy Space Princess the Soft Kriture – Pre order

Hey Guuuurl! Lumpy Space Princess Kriture style is here

Lumpy Space Princess is one of my favorites along with Finn which I already made to pre order last month.
She will be available to pre order until 11st July 2013 and I will be making only 7. You can grab her lumps here.
If you don’t know who Lumpy Space Princess (or LSP) is, she is a brilliant character from Adventure Time. Feel free to learn about her at, or just watch some episodes.

I’m crafting only 7 because that’s the number that allows me to use all the purple faux fur that I buy in bulk. Lumpy Space princess is available in a nice packaging along with some other goodies.

lumpy space princess package


What’s in the package

– Custom Packaging
– Squeeze her lumps to hear her
– A hanger
– Fridge Magnet
– Note Card
– Lsp’s Profile File
– Soft Kriture’s Profile file
– A Ton of love & care

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