Londoner Soft Kriture giveaway winner

I arrived yesterday back to Portugal with my travelling Londoner Soft Kriture who got some great pictures in London with random strangers.
The giveaway was hosted on kriture’s facebook page and Rob Losito was picked by to answer the question that gave him the Londoner Soft Kriture.

The question was: “Inside the album “London Soft Kriture Quest” here on facebook, there are two images from the artist Banksy, one of them is identified. Your task is to identity the other one and discover the name of the district in London where I took the picture. Tips: Google is your best friend even if you don’t know the city :)”

Well he had to look up for the image to come up with Shoreditch, he even got the name of the road where the the graffiti was!

So officially, the winner of the Londoner Soft Kriture is Rob Losito!

This quest was essentially made because I’m moving to London from Portugal, I was in job hunt ūüôā
I will return to London very soon and I will bring Kriture with me, and then Kritures will be made and shipped from London.

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