Name: Merilock, but he likes the "Sir" first.
Task: Blogs about Hard Kriture's life and command others
Body: Black fur to absorb light energy, allowing him to feel more warm. Body parts uncovered by fur are blue only because he is an extremely cold being.
What he do: He is the leader of Kritures, he got there first, he is smarter and believes he was blessed with beauty.
Likes: He found a scepter, he likes to support himself on it and also uses it to poke the others.
Ability: Very intelligent being
Food: Omnivore, prefers herbs.
Personality: Cocky, rational

Merilock is a very cocky Kriture, he has an evil side in his heart. He is the leader of Kritures and the one who blogs about what he sees inside this world. He is the only who can communicate with us because he speaks our language.