Kriture Copyright Infringement

Hello everyone, I have terrible news, Kriture has been illegally copied again, this time by a factory in china. In September 2015 an order of at least 2000 copies of my character Dodo were sold to an american company without my consent. Dodo is a original design made in 2009 by me, nowadays sold in resin and hand painted by me though Kriture’s online store. I need to track down the name of the company who bought these pieces and has been selling them on my behalf. You can help me by sharing this as much as you can or if you have seen Dodo being sold, let me know where, because its solely sold through website. It’s the second time it happens to Kriture.
This is the manufacturer’s name and its on Alibaba: Shenzhen Yangrui Technology Co., Ltd.

Anyone who has been following Kriture since the beginning will know that one of my biggest dreams with Kriture is to create a vinyl toy out of this specific character and so that anyone in the world is able to afford one and receive it in a beautiful package. I’m a designer and creator at heart, independent artists need their name to be shared along with their art. This is absolutely dreadful, I’m not angry but my heart is shattered. Doing such a thing is absolutely disgusting. They even watermarked my photos.
Here is the link, see it for yourself

Here is my work:


There it is the listing.



25/07/2016 Updates:
The seller just took the listing above DOWN and relisted it again in this URL


Also, check out The seller representative’s Linkdin – Chen Vapor Summer, Sales Representative at Shenzhen Yangrui Technology.Co,Ltd

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