Cheer up! Limited Finn the human will be back!

Three years have passed since a crossover between Finn the human was brought to you by Kriture. They were shipped on the very day that I left Portugal to live in London. I have very bright memories of these last few nights, crafting them in my last studio in the little city of Coimbra.

Some of you have been asking what happened to them, and that you would like to see them back.

You have been heard!

For the following days I will devote time to satisfy your cuteness needs. What happened to make me change my mind? I had a wonderful time creating them, from picking the fabric up to printing the custom designs I made. If you don’t want to miss Finn this time, keep a lid on the usual channels facebook, instagram, twitter. ☺

Even today I try to watch an Adventure Time episode a week first thing in the morning because it is packed with a good balance of positivity and insanity.

Looking back this was a moment that made me quite happy, so I wan’t to share the love back at you!



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