Hard Kriture Characters

Hard Kriture Characters

Meet all Hard Kriture Characters that were found so far.  They will be collectables made out of hard materials like resin or polymer clay. Each character have unique characteristics and skills.

You can read their profiles files in the characters page already!

They depend on each other to survive. Usually, they use their unique characteristics and skills to help out each other and create a better place to live.
Sometimes, their personalities don’t match with the tasks assigned by their Leader – Merilock.
They own a laptop that gets wireless connection from the room where the box is stored – in our world, inside the girl’s basement.
Their Leader use it to log their days online like a diary, he and his friends are currently seeking help to get out of the Box and enter our world.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Merilock, Dodo, Furzz, Wittz, Hector, Boony, Beevs, Glanell, Hummo, Fugjub, Formit, Emaios, Vingle, Lizzie, Chanossala, Krawm and Pikky & Kippy. They all live in the Surreal world of Kriture!

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