ENED – National Design Student Meeting

I was part of the crew that was able to create and organize the 1st National Design Student Meeting in Portugal (ENED), it was a very busy week but it was very rewarding. We made many friends around the country and had interesting speakers in there.

Kriture was invited to be there showcasing it’s work and taking part of the exposition, you can see some pics that people took at flickr in here.

I got to share kriture’s artwork with Anoik below! 🙂

Below you can see a big canvas I made for Kriture, that I believe that I never shared online. I invited André Caetano and he suggested salão 40 to participate also, you can see their mini exposition aside 🙂

I presented Kriture and some of my personal work at PechaKucha Night Coimbra, where I got the chance to see the work of Marco Moura‘s with xDA projections in paintings. And finally, I got to see them live!  Birds are Indie and Gobi Bear were my neighbors in the table and Companhia Portugueza too 🙂

There were concerts, beer and meetings through the night between the 3 days of ENED, and one of the nights there was a PechaKucha where I presented my work and Kriture among some very cool people like Fred Oliveira from Webreakstuff, Bundlr team, the guys from Metaclassy, designer Sergio Alves, among others.


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