Complaint letter number 1 – Day 9

Today Merilock writes his first letter complaining about the animal abuse he things he is suffering. He is trying to reach our world by writing using internet connection. He doesn’t realize he is stuck in an imaginary world where someone’s ideas are stored and that that he is an idea himself!

Complaint letter number 1 - Day 9

“Dear internet;

I’m stuck in these lands for three days now, eating only grass.
Three days ago my laptop feel from the sky and surprisingly, it had wireless internet connection. I’ve learned how to use internet for my own sake, so I will keep an online journal of what’s going on around here.
The wireless network is called “SMC_outoftheboxwifi” so I’m guessing I mutt be inside a box and I’m getting wireless from out of this box.
I want to tell everyone that this girl is keeping me away from my own rights and trapping me in a cage! This is animal abuse I tell you!
If you are out there, please contact and help me get out of here.”

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