Chocolate Kritures!


Yes, this time I exceeded myself
For a limited time with a limited edition Pikki and Kippi are in Chocolate!

Because I’m bonkers, I decided to become a chocolatier for a couple of hours and begin a chocolate journey using my own moulds. All very clean though!

These are not hollow, 80% chocolate in there and 20%  is a massive whole nut. They are made with just one part mould, so they weight like 35 gr instead of 70gr of pure chocolate tablet.

I got them a fancy package, because I like packages. I got them hearts because I felt like I should. I lost too much time making the “chocolate” typography because it’s chocolate time!

Tomorrow it’s my birthday and I already ate more than 100gr of this chocolate.

Get info about Pikki and Kippi and story here


They will be sold together on Kriture’s etsy store and at Associação Arte à Parte this Saturday!


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