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Meet Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls

Bill Cipher is from Gravity Falls a show that I’ve been watching, produced by Disney and created by the animator Alex Hirsch. The characters live in a fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon where Dipper and Mabel find unexpected situations involving paranormal and supernatural creatures. I don’t know about you but having this kind of explicit content in cartoons to me, is like dipping cookies in a warm cup of milk: feels warm inside 🙂

Since the first episode, I’ve noticed that there was loads of masonic symbols and whatnot, it tickled my curiosity, I guess in my career as a graphic designer I always payed close attention to symbolism of forms, colors and feelings.

Bill Chipher from Gravity falls

So far so good right? I would like to introduce you to Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, he is a character version of the illuminati pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye, and he looks great with a bow and a top hat. He says that our reality exists inside his reality which Bill plays whenever “invited”. Gravity Falls is full of clues and symbols that people are trying to crack to unveil the true meaning of the show. I find it quite interesting because anything that intrigues you, usually entertains you I guess that is the point of an animation serie.


Meeting Bill Cipher Episode of Gravity Falls

I love the part when he says “I know lots of things” and flashes images of UFO’s, Nasa, Pyramids, crop circles, sumerian arts, etc. Pretty self explanatory, no doubt.

Some say he is the ultimate lucid dreamer, and Gravity Falls happens in his own dream.
Bill Cipher can be a code, maybe a reference to Beale Ciphers – a set of three ciphertexts that allegedly states the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels, originated from the 1885. This is a real story from a panphlet published in 1885 entitled “The Beale Papers“.


Bill Cipher Wheel:

Bill Cipher Wheel

I mean doesn’t this look awesome and hilarious? You can actually try to deconstruct the wheel, you get stuff from the show but you also have binary codes, alchemy characters for reverberation, preparation, earth and air between others. There is the Konami Code (how awesome is that?) you even have geometric transformation matrices which I had to study hard back at UNI. There is even a battery bar.

I guess the conspiracies could go forever, but here are some images from the show.


gravity falls Egyptian courtain

Just a random Egyptian Curtain

Stan uses a Fez

Stan uses a Fez, they are quite popular between the Freemasons.

gravity falls pyramid window


Mayal calendar - gravity falls

Just one of the many Mayan calendars on the left.

Oh Disney, are you finally validating your connections with the illuminati or are you just loving to see how we react?

Giveaway on Facebook – Chubby Bunny Soft Kriture – Rules

Wooo! Please read the rules to enter the next facebook giveaway.

chubby kriture facebook giveaway 5

A Chubby Soft Kriture will be available as a giveaway on facebook, meaning that you need to like Kriture on facebook first in order to enter. Kriture on Facebook

1- The contest will be officially  open when I change the status on kriture facebook page to “Contest open! – Like, Comment & Share to Enter”. This status will contain a link directing to this page to remind you or rules 🙂

2- To enter the giveaway you need to like, comment and share the status on facebook . You can share in your own wall, on your friend’s wall, a group, it doesn’t matter. The more you share, more chances you get to have him. will pick a random person who liked, commented and shared the post.

3 – It will be open until next Wednesday, 6th of August.

4 – When the contest ends, I will get in contact with him/her 🙂

Good luck!

New generation of wooden toys

Wooden toys and other stuff made out of wood is usually related with the old man who is a sculptor, and creates either old fashioned things or things that are way too much expensive for your pocket. But slowly people are creating beautiful things like wooden toys and prototyping technology as a shell, as CNC and 3D printing are becoming more accessible. We all have seen the engraved bamboo ipad, iphone cases, glasses that nowadays you can design yourself and receive it in your step door with services like tmbrs, they even do watches.

Wood is a great medium but requires willpower and dedication to actually create real handmade things. Here is a collection from pinterest that is all about creating things in wood. Inspiring colors, motifs and patterns were created by tribes long time ago on wooden masks, and is actually a great place to find inspiration too. Notice that aztec patterns are available in any clothing store right now for a reason.


Tegu Blocks

Tegu blocks are wooden toys, a bit like a 3d version of a tangran but with cubes and parallelepiped shapes… and with magnets inside. Check this video with Tegu’s product designer Nate Lau talking about the product. With each purchase you can plant 12 trees and for each tree they use, they plant up to 6000 trees.They not only help children to get educated with their program but they produce long lasting learning toys too. Also, checkout the eye candy on that website, how contemporary / designy / cool is that?!


Pecanpals and Jibibuts

In the designer toy scene, the taste for wooden toys is growing too, maybe because the vinyl and plastic materials have been around since the beginning. Pecanpals are one of my favorites, they have been around for awhile, but they worth mentioning.

For those who like to DIY Jibibuts are a nice platform too! They are made from sistainably harvested rubber tree that otherwise go to waste. They are also have artist collection, the featured artists are Bubi Au Yeung, Martin Hsu, Squink, Peskimo, Buff Monster, Anna Chambers, Tado, Andrea Kang, Leo Hillier, 64 Colos, Nathan Jurevicius and the creator, Noferin.

just keep in mind that these specimens from Carrara Island have their males in color and the females are brown-toned.

This was a very brief post about wooden toys, but I think it gives you an idea that wood is not only wood anymore. I’m currently creating some Soft Kritures inspired by wood and nature. They will not be carved in wood, but in clay 🙂 Stay tuned for news.

New responsive website

Hey you!
For the past years Kriture used to have a non responsive website. This means that the website could no’t be viewed properly in any other device besides a computer. But not anymore! A month and a half ago I’ve decided to take the old website down and work on it after work. What you see is the result and I’m sorry I couldn’t continue giving you guys updates on social media websites, and releasing new guys, Kriture is still a one man show 🙂

By now your viewing experience should be optimal across a wide range of devices, from mobile to computer monitors. If you are asking why on earth I decided to waste so much time on creating a responsive website, let’s say that I’m a designer and a human. When we know things, we can’t ignore them anymore. If i spend days working on responsive websites for clients, why shouldn’t I do the same for my project? Also, this was a good way for me to get more knowledge on the actual code of a responsive system, which is good for my career.

The new website includes everything the other had, you can still read the comics, learn about the characters, get free goodies and much more. Notice that you have a counter in the front page tat shows how many days to go, until the next giveaway. I also managed to put tons of Kriture characters decorating the page so you will never be alone while browsing in the awesome responsive website.


Giving Life to Toys and Bingo Mascots

The benefits of injecting personalities to characters

One of the things that made the original Transformers and second-generation G.I. Joe action figures in the ‘80s so great was how each toy was given a backstory courtesy of Marvel Comics writers. These were tied together in story arcs showcased in comic books as well as the wildly popular television series.

This marketing strategy worked because people loved the fact that these characters were given individual personalities and drives instead of being just generic hunks of plastic. It’s a character design tactic that was utilized by the online bingo industry to give that extra push and get themselves out of the status stigma that is “the geriatrics’ game.”

Mascots were carefully outlined and designed to attract as wide a demographic as possible, and were of course given characteristics and qualities to make them identifiable. UK gaming site’s foxybingo brand utilised a mascot, named Foxy, who apart from being dressed up to look like a dancefloor star, was also given further appeal by way of his party-loving personality. This is evident by his thoughts and comments on foxybingo’s video adverts where he always manages to incite the crowd into a disco frenzy wherever he goes. Just as well, hosting semi-regular events such as the Foxy Cruise and the VIP Super League Party in the real world adds further palpability to his manufactured existence.

This kind of mascot branding has paid dividends not just for the online bingo industry as a whole, giving it the market prominence it enjoys today. At last count, there are more than 100 million regular bingo players right now; quite the figure indeed. Evidently, incorporating interesting personalities into character design can definitely go a long way towards making them stick to the minds of the general populace.
foxy bingo

Giveaway on Facebook – Kriture no.59 – Rules

Soft Kriture No.59

A giveaway on facebook on Kriture’s page will make the guy above very happy.

A Soft Kriture no. 59 and will be available as a giveaway on facebook, meaning that you need to like Kriture on facebook first in order to enter. Kriture on Facebook

1- The contest will be officially  open when I change the status on kriture facebook page to “Contest open! – Like, Comment & Share to Enter”. This status will contain a link directing to this page to remind you or rules 🙂

2- To enter the giveaway you need to like, comment and share the status on facebook . You can share in your own wall, on your friend’s wall, a group, it doesn’t matter. The more you share, more chances you get to have him. will pick a random person who liked, commented and shared the post.

3 – It will be open until next Tuesday, 11th of March.

4 – When the contest ends, I will get in contact with him/her 🙂

Good luck!

Vampire Soft Kritures – Halloween Edition

Vampire Soft Kritures

are a handmade squeaker plushie that can be pre ordered until 31st October 2013. He is a special edition to celebrate this Halloween. He comes in two flavours, pink and blue. For each colour there is an option to get only the this vampire plush and the basic goodies, or to get the bundle, which besides containing the standard pack, also comes with his story as poem, in a pocket book size, a chained pin and an acrylic keychain.

He is hand sculpted and sewed, features some 100% DIY giant glass eyes illustrated and crafted by me, he also squeaks if you squeeze him.


vampire soft kriture

What is in the Package

– Custom packaging*
– He squeaks if you squeeze him*
– A card where you can write notes just in case that you are purchasing a gift for someone*
– Rainbow fridge magnet (this one only comes with limited edition items)*
– Profile file of a Soft Kriture*
– A tag*
– A hanger*
– Acrylic keychain with custom illustration
– Chained pin, 100% handmade, it has polymer clay parts, beads chains and fruit slices.
– Tiny story about Vampire Soft Kriture, hand drawn, with a sad an beautiful story in form of a poem.

*included in the basic pack

As a crafter and a designer I have in my hands the option to make you something that really makes a difference, from crafting to illustrating and printing, my limited edition items take many hours of trying and failing until I’m happy with the outcome 🙂 Vampire Soft Kritures can become your best friend!

Lumpy Space Princess the Soft Kriture – Pre order

Hey Guuuurl! Lumpy Space Princess Kriture style is here

Lumpy Space Princess is one of my favorites along with Finn which I already made to pre order last month.
She will be available to pre order until 11st July 2013 and I will be making only 7. You can grab her lumps here.
If you don’t know who Lumpy Space Princess (or LSP) is, she is a brilliant character from Adventure Time. Feel free to learn about her at, or just watch some episodes.

I’m crafting only 7 because that’s the number that allows me to use all the purple faux fur that I buy in bulk. Lumpy Space princess is available in a nice packaging along with some other goodies.

lumpy space princess package


What’s in the package

– Custom Packaging
– Squeeze her lumps to hear her
– A hanger
– Fridge Magnet
– Note Card
– Lsp’s Profile File
– Soft Kriture’s Profile file
– A Ton of love & care

Hard Kriture Characters

Hard Kriture Characters

Meet all Hard Kriture Characters that were found so far.  They will be collectables made out of hard materials like resin or polymer clay. Each character have unique characteristics and skills.

You can read their profiles files in the characters page already!

They depend on each other to survive. Usually, they use their unique characteristics and skills to help out each other and create a better place to live.
Sometimes, their personalities don’t match with the tasks assigned by their Leader – Merilock.
They own a laptop that gets wireless connection from the room where the box is stored – in our world, inside the girl’s basement.
Their Leader use it to log their days online like a diary, he and his friends are currently seeking help to get out of the Box and enter our world.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Merilock, Dodo, Furzz, Wittz, Hector, Boony, Beevs, Glanell, Hummo, Fugjub, Formit, Emaios, Vingle, Lizzie, Chanossala, Krawm and Pikky & Kippy. They all live in the Surreal world of Kriture!

Finn the Human Soft Kriture

Finn the Human Soft Kriture is available to pre order until next wednesday, 05 June 2013.

He will be crafted and shipped by the end of this week. He is sculpted and sewed by me, he squeaks if you squeeze him and you can sit him pretty much everywhere and he will not fall. The original character belongs to Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network, but the design and techniques are the same used to craft a typical Soft Kriture, It’s a fan art piece, I do not own any of the characters in the adventure time franchise, If you don’t know who Finn the Human is, you probably should check the series. The reason why I did this Is because I’ve spent tons of hours crafting kritures, while watching adventure time, so I had to make some sort of tribute to the series. I’m a fan coming from a sceptical phase, It truly reaches your nostalgia as an adult, it has 8.7 out of 10 in IMDB!

I will craft only 10 of them grab one before they are gone 🙂
Check them in the shop.