Meet Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls

Bill Cipher is from Gravity Falls a show that I’ve been watching, produced by Disney and created by the animator Alex Hirsch. The characters live in a fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon where Dipper and Mabel find unexpected situations involving paranormal and supernatural creatures. I don’t know about you but having this kind of explicit content in cartoons to me, is like dipping cookies in a warm cup of milk: feels warm inside 🙂

Since the first episode, I’ve noticed that there was loads of masonic symbols and whatnot, it tickled my curiosity, I guess in my career as a graphic designer I always payed close attention to symbolism of forms, colors and feelings.

Bill Chipher from Gravity falls

So far so good right? I would like to introduce you to Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, he is a character version of the illuminati pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye, and he looks great with a bow and a top hat. He says that our reality exists inside his reality which Bill plays whenever “invited”. Gravity Falls is full of clues and symbols that people are trying to crack to unveil the true meaning of the show. I find it quite interesting because anything that intrigues you, usually entertains you I guess that is the point of an animation serie.


Meeting Bill Cipher Episode of Gravity Falls

I love the part when he says “I know lots of things” and flashes images of UFO’s, Nasa, Pyramids, crop circles, sumerian arts, etc. Pretty self explanatory, no doubt.

Some say he is the ultimate lucid dreamer, and Gravity Falls happens in his own dream.
Bill Cipher can be a code, maybe a reference to Beale Ciphers – a set of three ciphertexts that allegedly states the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels, originated from the 1885. This is a real story from a panphlet published in 1885 entitled “The Beale Papers“.


Bill Cipher Wheel:

Bill Cipher Wheel

I mean doesn’t this look awesome and hilarious? You can actually try to deconstruct the wheel, you get stuff from the show but you also have binary codes, alchemy characters for reverberation, preparation, earth and air between others. There is the Konami Code (how awesome is that?) you even have geometric transformation matrices which I had to study hard back at UNI. There is even a battery bar.

I guess the conspiracies could go forever, but here are some images from the show.


gravity falls Egyptian courtain

Just a random Egyptian Curtain

Stan uses a Fez

Stan uses a Fez, they are quite popular between the Freemasons.

gravity falls pyramid window


Mayal calendar - gravity falls

Just one of the many Mayan calendars on the left.

Oh Disney, are you finally validating your connections with the illuminati or are you just loving to see how we react?

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