He arrived! Limited Finn the Human is back!

Finn Pre order dates & times

Pre-order start date: Saturday, July 9, 2016, 7:00pm BST (GMT+1)
Pre-orders end date: Saturday, July 16, 2016, at 7:00pm BST (GMT+1)
Shop url: www.kriture.storenvy.com
Limited quantity of: 10

Time left until Pre-order ends 
-286Days -17Hours -29Minutes -49Seconds
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Here is Finn, the one who will be looking for a home soon.

finn kriture thumbnail

This collectible soft toy figure is carefully crafted with white snuggly fake fur in the top and felt in the bottom, each body part is unique because it is sculpted individually. I thought it would be super “mathematical” to place a squeaker inside him. This means that if you squeeze him he will go “SQUEAK”!

His legs are bent so you can lay him on a shelf for example, or bring it to work and let your workmates know you support handmade (and are a total Adventure Time fan).


Finn will travel will custom goodies:

  • Unique signed designed package
  • A hanger on his head
  • He squeaks if you squeeze him
  • Rare rainbow fridge Magnet (only available in special editions!)
  • A customised note card (in case you want to write a special note for someone)
  • 2 specimen profile files, Finn and Soft Kriture
  • A Sticker


Handy notes:
  • You will see him in the store labeled “Coming soon” but you only be able to get him on the time of the sale.
  • The countdown in the page is for my time zone: London, England, United Kingdom. Click here to convert yours
  • Seven-day turnaround after the pre order day closes

After the pre-order day, I will craft and shift Finn and post him within 7 days. During this time I will share work in progress, so you might want to connect in the usual channels facebook, instagram & twitter. ☺

The original character belongs to Adventure Time and is created by Pendleton Ward. I don’t own the character but I will craft him to have the aesthetics of a Soft Kriture ☺


Get me to Finn on the shop now!

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