Hi there, I’m Marcia I’m a multi disciplined designer with a taste in urban crafts and characters.
I’m from Portugal but I’m currently living in London, UK. Feel free to visit my personal portfolio and linkedin.

Around 2009 I found myself in a need to develop skills and knowledge that were not directly connected to my fields of work. I needed a good subject that didn’t limited me creating things related to characters, animation, illustration and crafting. So I came up with this crazy doodles and concepts and created a whole surreal world that I call Kriture. This world is filled with unique characters with roles, there are small stories about them within eras and flora.

crafting kriture


What is a Kriture?


The funny story that keep characters alive
Imagine this: You are an idea inside someone’s head, your creator stored you in a box because he doesn’t have time to make you real. But you are such a good idea that your potential energy gave you life inside this box that was forgotten by your creator. This is when you become a Kriture. You get new strange friends, flora and random objects falling from the sky that just like you, they are stored ideas due to procrastination. Every Kriture has the same final objective: Get out of the box.

The Message

The deeper meaning, being procrastination.
Avoiding procrestination, throwing up an idea inside a box and forget about it is throwing away an idea with potential energy to go on its own if you give it a little time. So stopping procrastination is the key that actually might make you earn time instead of losing it.
Kriture is the product of a stored idea becoming alive.

crafting kriture 4

Creation Process

I always get an adjective and it’s antithesis, then I try to communicate both visually. Because they are opposites these pieces will on most cases confuse your feelings, which can make you smile. I also try to make a good use of color for this.

Why adopting a Kriture

Having a Kriture is like having an amulet that reminds you and gives you strength to stop delaying your ideas and tasks in a non-pejorative way, by making you smile. Smile is a good therapy considering that a Kriture is suppose to work as a reminder to get your ideas done.

Materials & Style

Kritures are usually mixed media 100% hand crafted items. I like to use polymer clay, resin, pigments, fur and glass eyes. I do have a tendency to make them look silly cute and creepy because of their creation process and not because my goal is to make them cute or ugly 🙂


kriture crafting 3


Characters and Communities

All characters have different personalities and roles, there are comics and eras.
Four communities live in the Kriture World, some have a God, some have a leader, some are totally unkown to each other. They appropriate other objects that once were ideas and then dropped into the box. One of the objects is very special, it is a laptop with internet connection to the external world. Every Kriture has a chance to blog, browse and connect with the online world, they actively log their dais like a diary and have a database for new specimens.

kriture crafting 2


 Everything about Kriture is handmade, illustrated and designed by me, Márcia Gaudêncio. They are protected by copyright © 2009-2014