800 FB fans giveaway!

I want one of these in real life
giveaway handmade creature monster

The prize will be the fellow above! A couple months ago, I made several polls and asked for fans to answer, the idea was for them to vote for their preferred color, eyes, mouth etc. This one was the result! 😀
On the facebook page you can actually see the work in progress pics, as I was analyzing your answers.

Let’s go! 😀
Remember you need to like Kriture on facebook first. Click here =)

1- The contest will be officially open when I change the status on kriture facebook page to “Contest open! – I want one of these but in real life!” with a link directing to this page to show the rules to the ones that didn’t read them yet.

2- To enter the contest you need to share the post. You can share in your own wall, on your friend’s wall, a group, it doesn’t matter. The more you share, more chances you get to have him. If there is one or more contestants sharing the same amount by the end of the contest, then random.org will chose one of them randomly.

3 – It will be open until next Friday, December 9th.

4 – When the contest ends, I will get in contact with him/her 🙂
Good luck!


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