600 fans on Facebook!

Hello! 🙂
I’ve been busy doing the little creatures in resin. Its been troublesome sometimes for some of them, so i’ve been neglecting the blog a bit to get me some extra time, sorry ^^;

So Kriture reached 600 fans on facebook, so as I promised there will be a giveaway!
Remember you need to be a fan on facebook first. Click here =)

boony avatarchanossala avatarvingle avatar


1- The contest will be open when I change the status on kriture fanpage to “Win a Kriture NOW – Contest opened!” with a link directing to this page to show the rules to the ones that didn’t read them yet.

2- To enter the contest you need to find an awesome animal from Earth, extinct or not, genetically modified or not, and post the name of the animal with a link to find out more about him in the facebook topic. You can also write down an awesome feature from the animal that you find that will benefict you.

3- You have until the end of the week to participate, the entries will be closed on 1-Feb-2010, 11 pm, any entry after this will not be valid. Everyone around the world can participate, as long as you are a fan of Kriture in the facebook page.

4 – Doesn’t matter if you are the fastest, what matters is whether or not I find your Animal really awesome. It can be visually or depending on his ways of living.

5 – When the contest ends, I will tell you who the winner is, contact him, and hope the winner sends me an email to saveus@kriture.com with his address and the name of the kriture he would like to get 🙂

I’m really into all kinds of living things on Earth, I get at least 40% of my inspiration from them 🙂 Surprise me!


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