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Hello there! First of all I’m very happy to have reached 300 fans on facebook in about two months. Thanks to everyone who helped to suggest friends 😀
And now, the time to win a free kriture has arrived, so I will write here some rules to make your participation valid 🙂
You can choose between these three kritures:

boony avatarhummo avatarlizzle avatar

Click each pic to meet them!


1 – I will send you a message from Kriture fanpage reminding you to stay tuned to the next status change on the page, you can access to it by entering in your inbox/updates.

2 – I will change the status to “I want a free Kriture!” When you see this, you need to comment. You are just allowed to make one comment, otherwise, you are cheating 🙂 and your comments will not be valid.

3 – Comment as soon as you can, because when the time is up, a comment by Kriture will be made, closing the “contest”. All comments submitted after this one will not be valid.

4 – I will generate a random number at www.random.org between 1 and the number of comments on that thread.
5 – If the number matches your comment position, then you are the winner 😀 I will announce the winner. If you are the winner, just send a message to saveus@kriture.com with your address and the name of the kriture you would like to get 🙂

If you didn’t, don’t be sad, because there will be more ways to get one for free. I mean it 😉


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  1. Monster Hollow Studios says:

    Your kritures are wonderful and I love the blog! Congrats on 300 fans! Keep up the good work!

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