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Wooden toys and other stuff made out of wood is usually related with the old man who is a sculptor, and creates either old fashioned things or things that are way too much expensive for your pocket. But slowly people are creating beautiful things like wooden toys and prototyping technology as a shell, as CNC and 3D printing are becoming more accessible. We all have seen the engraved bamboo ipad, iphone cases, glasses that nowadays you can design yourself and receive it in your step door with services like tmbrs, they even do watches.

Wood is a great medium but requires willpower and dedication to actually create real handmade things. Here is a collection from pinterest that is all about creating things in wood. Inspiring colors, motifs and patterns were created by tribes long time ago on wooden masks, and is actually a great place read more…

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Good morning! Here is a sneak peak of a specimen that wears a mask. Our scientists find this very intriguing as masks are for either protection, disguise, performance or entertainment.

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